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8oz Shea Butter Body Butter

$10.00 Special

Replenishes the moisture needed for beautiful, soft skin. Also helps with scars and discoloration. 

Ingredients: Raw Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, and Vitamin E Oil

13.5 Brown Sugar Scrub

$10.00 Special

Fortified with Brown Sugar, Olive oil, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera, the scrub relieves by removing all of the dead skin, then restores moisture to your skin

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Aloe Vera Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, and Vitamin E Oil

8oz All Natural Lotion


The All Natural absorbs into the skin leaving a satin finish, making the skin anew. Your skin will indeed thank you.


6oz All Natural Deodorant


This all-natural deodorant is aluminum-free and protects for many hours against unexpected odor, providing both security and relief.

4oz All Natural Hand Sanitizer


This hand sanitizer is not sticky or overpowering with a smell of alcohol. It has a beautiful fragrance that makes you feel like you really thoroughly washed your hands.

6oz Body and Linen Spray


This feather-light linen spray that doubles as a body spray, lays on your pillow and wakes you up in fragrant gardens of unbelievable freshness! The aromatherapy offered in this dual purpose spray will soothe your senses and keep your peace

8oz Body and Hand Wash


This body wash cleanses as it nourishes your entire body

Lip Butter


With just a dab, this lip butter will provide a shockingly comprehensive moisture treatment that lasts and lasts

Aloe Vera Soap


Provides soothing relief from skin irritations and scars

Oatmeal Soap


Provides comfort from itchy skin when suffering from dry skin

Shea Butter Soap


Soft skin never felt so soft than when it receives the shea butter treatment

African Black Soap


Goats Milk Soap


Black Charcoal Soap


6oz Body Polish


The body polish oil is so soft, you can barely feel it in your hands. It leaves your skin as light and soft as a baby’s

The Breathe Experience Emergency 911 Kit



13 Oz Soy Candle Lotion, Shea Butter Body Butter, 16 oz. Brown Sugar Scrub

The Breathe Experience Self Care Kit

  Shea Butter Body Butter, 16 oz. Brown Sugar Scrub, All Natural Lotion, Hand Sanitizer,  Soap, and Body and Linen Spray.


Men's Beard Balm


If you’re having a problem taming the mane, this oil will bring it back in order.

Men's Beard Oil


If you’re having a problem taming the mane, this oil will bring it back in order

Men's Beard Wash


The Ultimate Cleansing Agent to Cleanse and Moisturize the Beard

Men's Beard Grooming Kit


13.5 oz Gold Soy Candle Lotion


12.3 oz Removable Glass Soy Candle Lotion


Sold Out

11.8 oz Black or Clear Glass Soy Candle Lotion


8 oz Pineapple Glass Soy Candle Lotion


7.3 oz Small Black Matte Soy Candle Lotion

$10.00 Special

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