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The Breathe Spa and Beauty Collection is launching an innovative approach to the sales division of the company. We will be beginning an innovative hostess program September 29, 2020.  It will not be your average Hostess program because it relies on the mission of Breathe as an uplifting and empowering company that provides each person with product knowledge, an additional stream of income, motivational sessions, book club membership, life enhancement, and community service. This program is designed to offer financial freedom and complete control over your time and energy to envision and realize your dreams while making your goals a tangible reality!  

The Breathe Collection’s Hostess opportunity.  

Making the choice to become a Breathe Hostess instantly makes you a Boss! The Breathe Hostess affords herself the opportunity to earn a little extra income or build a career through our solid home-based business. Your financial goals are your own and you can realize them by creating your schedule to match the compensation needed to fulfill them. Having the familiarity and knowledge of the quality of The Breathe Collection gives our Hostesses the unique confidence with selling a product that sells itself!  As a member of  The Breathe Collection family, you are also a business owner and will enjoy the  tax advantages  that come with that status.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have extra quality time with your family? Time to explore personal pursuits? An opportunity to show young people or your children how to also maintain a business of their own?  We are also offering businesses (including churches) an opportunity to sign up as a partner or hostess for just $10.00!  The benefit of your partnership

includes 25% off of everything they purchase (wholesale), with the ability to sell the products at retail prices. The residual will be in the form of a commission check either weekly or monthly.  **Note: If the $10 commitment is not met there will be a $5 fee for your website.** 

The Hostess Program is designed to Empower, Educate, and to Financially Improve your Life

***Additional Income Opportunities***

 If a Breathette, Breather or Business would like to build a team there are 5 levels down that they can benefit from. If you chose to sign up someone under you will receive 5% off of their sales You also can sign up people to the Breathers club and get 15% off of all of their orders


** Customer Website and Back Office ** Weekly and Monthly Pay ** Bi-Weekly Testimonial and Product Presentation and Training ** Once a Month Empowerment Sessions ** Monthly and Weekly Contests ** Yearly and Quarterly Conferences and Breakout Sessions ** Book Club Membership

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